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VOTED UP JOB Count Our Blessing Nbr People we Met?

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Do it!

Add an area in the profile to list out the members who met the user.
The user needs to delete a member from the list.
The member should be able to delete himself.

Posted on 16:46 Feb 1, 22

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Andy Graham
08:59 Jan 18, 22
An Investor would give money because they could count the number of friends they met. Many people just do not add the pros and cons of something, they need it proven to them.
Tom Thorsen
09:29 Jan 18, 22
This great ideal. This like super verify to the tenth degree.
Andy Graham
10:33 Jan 18, 22
Tom the champion of seeing the essential values. YES, this is "Super Verification" to 10 degree, a great point. I am super glad you pointed this out, truly even more important.
Andy Graham
10:38 Jan 18, 22
I am super happy the RoadMap is working ok. When when this is 100 percent done, and more than 65 percent it will make all the members happy. And we can make money by staying focused.
Andy Graham
16:46 Feb 1, 22
Andrew - I think you can do this job of adding met people, "I met Rich" button. Thanks