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It is Andrew opinion that the newsletter is not smooth, does not fit into modern style.
He is correct.

NOTE - How important is the newsletter?
80 percent of paid members join because of reading Newsletter sent by Andy.
19 percent from the YouTube channel of Andy
1 percent, who knows.???

The goal is 99 percent from referrals, sharing, a member influencing a person  to join.
Tom, Rich try to do this all the time, and I, Andy do the other 90 percent.
Viral is when members influences new members to join.


1. Clean up code, so it does not bleed tags from one area, to anther.

2. Make it so that only one font can be shown.

3. When we click publish video, and not publish video, show correct.

4. Make a WYSIWYG so I can add photos, etc, easy, right now, it is only with HTML,
And I have no way to add a photo easily. I have to find code in the Wall of a photo.

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Posted on 10:33 Mar 20, 22

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Andrew Suares
05:47 Mar 12, 22
This is not a tweak. Using a WYSIWYG would remove the auto insert of videos.
Andy Graham
19:43 Mar 12, 22
Please remove the auto insert of videos, and make it work as WYSIWYG -- The auto insert is of minor importance compared to being able to write into emails. Thanks Andy
Andy Graham
19:44 Mar 12, 22
This is Jump To Top Then
Andy Graham
10:33 Mar 20, 22
Andrew - Can you add a footer area at the bottom of the emails sent.

The code in this area would be saved. Included with each email, and we update as we want.