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We Need Ideas of Discounts, Coupons We Can Give to Join

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Hello Hobo,

When a person arrives at the "Signup Page," we wish to give them an incentive to join.

This is called an "Award" in Internet marketing jargon.

I would appreciate if you would add more in the comments:


  1. 100 Dollars drawing

  2. Expedia X amount of money coupon

  3. Travel Insurance, X amount of money coupon.

  4. 1 Free Year Silver Upgrade


For this to work, job #280 has to be completed, so I can experiment.


Generally the big marketing SNAFU, is when only Andrew can change the words, then I cannot experiment easily, I must always wait for him. My dream is that any area of the site, any words can be edited by Administrators, people who care.

Thank you Andy

Posted on 18:38 Feb 6, 22

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Irwin Myers
18:38 Feb 6, 22
All members and anyone who joins gets 1 share of HT. This gives them some skin in the game and incentivizes them to make HT huge.