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Super Verified No `1, is 20 Creds Then can Edit 2nd SV 50 3rd 100 4th 1 Year Sliver 5th Gold


I want people with Gold to have social currency.

Creds - I suspect we have choose credits

Maybe 3 different tag systems.

One only for Cred-Request

Super Verified First Time - 20 Creds

And able to edit

2nd SV 50 3rd 100

4th 1 Year Sliver

5th Gold

NOTE – People will pay to be the same.

Google Docs Use to Create


Posted on 16:56 Feb 18, 23

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Andy Graham
16:56 Feb 18, 23
Darcy I appreciate you wanting to edit the Google Docs, passion is great. Please make a Google docs, edit, add, etc. T/hen place it here. Me, and Andrew are the only ones who edit this page directly. Thanks life is good. People change my words.