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Stop Email filters of members from working New List Server



There are emails used by the company of HoboTraveler Inc.
We must make private messages they check on the site at official communication, and not emails.
Our present goal is that member get 1 email per day, as is standard for social networks.

We have been granted permisson by members to write them, we do not sell this right to other company, never.

We need to contact members for meetups, zoom, and other reasons.
We do not send emails with advertisments, only information about the company.

When a member uses a filter, that places an email into a folder, or the trash. Then, there is no way to contact the member because the member does not check this folder.

Presently there is one email that starts as noreply. If we have 20 different emails, instead of one, then when members fiiler emails, we can still hope to communicate with the person.

Now we have 3 email servers that send emails.

I wantt to conttinually as emails servers, using different emails, to confuse the members email filters.

Thanks Andy

Posted on December 10, 2021

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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