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Selfie Hobo Doll Find Sewing Person to make 3 4 Inch 15 cm High Stuffed Doll


The mission
1. People stop at anywhere they want to and take a selfie with the doll.
2. The person with the most cities selfies would be celebrated with Creds.
3. This is a viral promotion
4. He want people all around the world to copy this and steal the idea and advertise our everyday hobo

1. Artist that sews person
2. Capable of making many adaptations to the same doll.
3. Quite small should be able to be put inside a purse for a waist bag
4. Carabine hook
5. Carabine small enough to hook through the zipper pull hole.
6. The words everyday hobo on the front the back and the back three locations.
7. A debate is whether the clothes should be capable of taking off and on so that children can play with this.

Posted on 16:15 Mar 30, 22

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Andy Graham
16:10 Mar 30, 22
I would like a label that said viral feature. I would like this comment to not be scrambled and put into one paragraph.

I would like a link to be live in here
Andy Graham
16:15 Mar 30, 22
Andrew great job. I did this in real time is I had the idea inside a restaurant sitting at a table. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? I am brilliant ideas and you have brilliant ideas and they need captured. I don't do anything at a special time I don't stop and work on something. When I have a great idea I capture it. The road map is a way of capturing great ideas from members and investors and the whole world. And by sharing it with the whole world we prove that we are not just trying to make money we are trying to help them. A great idea should be shared with the world.. cancer would be cured right now if everybody work together.