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Roadmap Job Replace Like Button With 10 Big Picture Tags ie. Political Wisdom, etc.

#434 $800

Roadmap Job - Replace Like Button With 10 Big Picture Tags

Normal Website

The normal website has likes, dislikes and does not discourage people; they hire moderators. 

A Strategy is Different From normal.

I have zero desire to be normal, we can make the world better; by nudging people either to things that are good, and less or less; we do not want everyone to be a member of EH.

I hope that people are kind, better people on HT-EH.

Normal sites allow people to behave worse, this is the click-bait is good, because anger is addictive, soap opera.


  1. One for this type of tag

  2. One for the normal tags.

PROBLEM – Big one, a huge problem

People click on the top link of choices, they seldom go farther than 3 choices down.

If these choices rotate, move up, move up, or if a person always chose the same one we stop using.

Note; Tags, and Keywords are good, but normal, we want to do better to make the site special. I do not want everyone on HT-EH.

Some Choices For Big Picture Tags, KeywordS

  1. Wisdom - Icon of Einstein

  2. Save Money - ?

  3. I Want To Meet

  4. Healthy

  5. Political

  6. Secret Spammer

  7. Secret Troll

  8. Secret Fake Person

  9. Secret Looking For Fight

  10. Activist

  11. The Influencer

  12. Family Person

  13. Secret - Require Super Verification


Andrew please explain feasibility, workers needed, cost, what you recommend?

Strategy, to be different, to be better.

Life is good.

Link on Google Docs used to create this job


Posted on February 18, 2023

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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