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Make Stripe Payment Auto Renew Silver And Gold Yearly

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Give people the option for silver and gold renewals or send them an email 10 days in advance that their membership will auto renew and that their card will be charged. Give them the option to stop the auto renewal.

Posted on 12:33 Dec 4, 21

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Dave Bianes
22:17 Dec 1, 21
I believe this could be related to topic #200
Dave Bianes
22:21 Dec 1, 21
People please give input on how to best implement this. Auto renewal can be see as a benefit or an irritation for people. Good encouragement to opt in is how I like it on other sites not forced without choice.
Irwin Myers
04:22 Dec 2, 21
Similar to GoDaddy, if they click on the auto-renew button, it should auto-renew every year. Otherwise, they get the email asking them if they want to renew with a simple click of the button. Maybe have another email go out right before their gold or silver status expires asking them one more time.
Tom Thorsen
12:33 Dec 4, 21
I like the idea of getting a email before auto renewal. If we don’t send the emaiit needs to be obvious how to cancel