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Andy Find Company to Do Membership Cards, and Business Cards

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Business Cards
1. Vistaprint
2. https://www.gotprint.com/home.html

Posted on 12:42 Jul 19, 22

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Brant Pinkman
22:40 Dec 31, 21
I would add "stickers" to that, as well. When I travel and stay in hostels I see stickers from tour operators and groups all the time. Would be nice to place Hobo stickers in places that are acceptable to the management. I used to give out refrigerator magnets to get customers for my swimming pool business. I still get calls more than 10 years later.
Andy Graham
12:01 May 24, 22
I am working with Dan F to do Business Cards. I put up a job on upwork, and they appear to stupid. I have a company that can do 100 cards, send them to a person in the USA for 15 dollars. I TRULY WISH A HARD RETURN WOULD WORK ON THIS BOX SO I COULD TYPE CORRECTLY.
Andy Graham
18:03 May 31, 22
I talked to Dan and he wants the photos 1 inch by 1 in for the combination membership card identification card. Therefore Andrew needs to adjust everything upward so that the one inch by one inch is created
Andy Graham
12:42 Jul 19, 22
We need to test the printing of membership cards. If you wish to be a test person, please contact Andy - Must be inside the USA.