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Add a New Feature to Silver Turn on Emails For Members

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Posted on 22:27 Jan 18, 22

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Brant Pinkman
17:16 Jan 18, 22
I would also like to be able to turn on/off Push Notifications, the same as the emails. With as many push notifications as I get now, I miss the PM's.
Andy Graham
21:21 Jan 18, 22
Yes I agree it's easy to miss the private messages now. I wonder if there's two types of push here. On my Android I can shut off any type of notification.
Brant Pinkman
22:27 Jan 18, 22
Most of the notification settings I use are in each individual app. Here's one from Twitter where I can control email, SMS, or push. Oops, can't post the screenshot, but most apps let you manage them.