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Make HT EH Safer Super Verify Sponsor to Join Or Pay 1 Dollar to Join


Make HT-EH Safer - Super Verify Sponsor to Join - Or Pay 1 Dollar to Join

I will make HT-EH the safest site - We have 99 percent Freedom of Speech. Therefore, you can get verbally attacked.

We use a 3rd Party service, Stripe, Google Pay and Apple pay, we do not use Paypal because it is not just in treating both sides. 

Why have you give a credit card for 1 dollar?

When a Super Verified member could get you Super Verified to enter the site. The 1 dollar stops trolls from joining, but so would entering as a Super Verified person.

Do it, and I can manually give you the 1 dollar membership.

Safe from Identity Theft

Safe from stealing money.

Safe from scams.

Any website that asks for your Birthday is extremely dangerous. Apple is dangerous, you have a credit card attached. Amazon is a big brother, monitoring every email, voice, Alexa is listening. Etc.

Facebook is hopeless and Twitter with Elon Musk has hope. Instagram is photo porn, and is Facebook. YouTube wants your ID, and Credit Card on file.

NOTE- I would make a list of approved people to Super Verify members who can witness that your name on the site is the name on your identification. 

Note. I think it's best if people put their finger over their age when they show it to another person.

We will continue to improve, if you know of anything besides jerks on the site attacking you.

Safe from jerks is not possible

Super safe from hackers is not so hard.

Life is good. Andy Lee Graham


Posted on February 18, 2023

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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