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Main UX strategy and site updates


Hi everyone!

I talked to Andrew today about SEO and i found some things on your main website. I write about user profile pages and post pages which are able to be found in search engine like Google. Just imagine that (i am a new visitor came from google):

If i get to someone profile page -> i need to find that person interesting for me. So show me his activity, his posts to involve me make more clicks and open more pages from there 

If i get to someone post page -> i need to read more intersting things of your website. Propose me more posts. Better to do it with the same tags. If i get on that post https://www.everydayhobo.com/post/208616  it means that i search something about Moscow, Stalin's buildings or trolleys -> show me more posts about that. If you don't have that -> show something look alike Russian architecture, culture and etc.

And now - all these pages are empty and not proposing users anythings else more. 

Your main strategy should be - satisfy and make happy all your users (old and new), give them what they want and that is. When you reach that goal - you will grow really really fast.

Add your questions in comments.

Posted on December 9, 2021

Date Started: December 20, 2021

Date Complete: December 20, 2021

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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