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New Filters Look at posts from People I follow

#420 Stock $1000

- Add a filter for 'Posts from People I follow'. This would only show posts from people I follow on the wall.

- See posts from users based on stars

- See only posts that won an award

- See posts from HT Silver, HT Gold etc

- Set filter options via a URL. Users need to share a link with filter options so that other users see posts based on the filter that was set by the user sharing it.

Job Profile:

- Expert in MySQL
- Expert in VueJS / Javascript
- Expert in PHP

Posted on 20:24 Nov 22, 22

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Andy Graham
20:23 Nov 22, 22
Hello Andrew, Thanks for adding the price. We could use 2-3 filters. 1. People we follow 2. Negative Words
Andy Graham
20:24 Nov 22, 22
It would be great to have a place for members to bid on this job.