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Location check in map link


A Google map is generated when a user does a location check in on the wall.

On tapping the map, the link needs to open up in Google maps so that the user can get directions to go to the same spot as the check-in.

Posted on 12:59 Mar 16, 22

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Andy Graham
12:21 Mar 15, 22
Andrew -- What is the job for freelancers? This is a statement, not a job to be performed? What action do you want done?
Andrew Suares
12:51 Mar 15, 22
Turns out this is easy to do because Google Maps can open a location with a lat and long. So I will just set the link to that and it will open in Google maps.
Dave Bianes
12:59 Mar 16, 22
This sounds like it will discourage check-in. Will I be able to click on a check in for someone and get a Google maps page opened up with a pin ???? at the check in spot? I believe check in to the city level is good. Sometimes people get too specific with their check-in. If it is easy for someone to just click and get directions. That sounds like a negative to get people to check in.