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How to Super Verify Explainer Videos 2 Types One For Zoom and One For Regular in Person


We can make "Explainer Videos on how to do this. Have them white board, writing explanations.
2-3 minute videos.

Zoom Super Verified - Two members can go the Zoom, only 2 people, and we can show our ID to each other, put the ID up close to the camera, and check it. Then take a screenshot of both of us on Zoom, then upload it.
Make an explainer video....

Zoom super verified

Regular is when to people meet, they look at the names on their passports, I check you, you check me, compare it to the name on the site you use and say, Yes, he, or she is using the correct name. Again, we need an explainer video.

Regular super verified

Posted on 20:26 Jan 24, 23

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Tom Thorsen
23:16 Dec 5, 21
Don t understand 2-3 minute videos.
Not clear to me
D'Arcy Wright
02:13 Jan 24, 23
What reasons would stop the use of something like Zoom to do this? How would it be different than a personal meet in terms of verification?

@Andy, you and I met in Sosua DR in Rocky's ar the upper bar area and chatted for a long time when you were living there, in the apartment, upstairs, across from Bailee's restaurant. I think there was a language school there or next door.. We didn't exactly exchange ID's but you know it was me and I knew it was you...and I also think that should be enough for me to be super verified, no? LOL

Thanks, D'Arcy
Andy Graham
12:31 Jan 24, 23
D'arcy, we can use Zoom to be super verified. This is a job creation, to make explainer videos.

To do super verified, we must actually show our ID to another person, not paper, not library card, a passport, or a drivers license
D'Arcy Wright
20:26 Jan 24, 23
Works for me. Thanks again..and no, I'm not looking for a job LOL