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Hobo Market Place Where Members Can Sell Products

#315 Stock $2000

We want to allow members to sell physical items to other members.
i.e. To sell your tennis racket to another member.

List of ideas to MAYBE include.  (Irwin please add ideas.)
1 . Similar to Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/
2. Only Silver member can sell.
3. All members can buy.
5.  This probably would be on another subdomain  i.e. https://www.shop.everydayhobo.com
6. Do we want it totally public? So members can list their products, then a person would join to buy?
7. A person selling would submit their paypal.com ?

Yes, an off-the-shelf has all the features normally required for e-commerce. Categories, different product sizes etc. We'd need to figure out how to integrate it with the EH account. Like in the current /shop when a member buys something, the purchase is connected to the members account. https://www.everydayhobo.com/shop

Posted on 16:01 Mar 1, 22

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Irwin Myers
16:01 Mar 1, 22
My vision of this is to make this a combo of Craigslist and Google Adwords. Charge for the listing, charge for a display ad, charge for premium placement. Give people the option for auto renew.