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Make Iphone, Android, and Computer Experience Same


Please make the experience on Iphone, Android, and computer browsers the same.
All the same features, benefits, etc. 
The user experience is best when 100 percent the same. Members, become very angry when they do not have the same benefits of other members.

List of differences
1. Find hobos is not on the computer browser view

The best reason for Roadmap, is to force this to happen. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham CEO HoboTraveler Inc.

This is view of Android, and Android App.

Posted on 23:08 Apr 1, 22

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Irwin Myers
17:22 Jan 9, 22
Rather than posting a link from a competing social media site, I'd rather have the ability to upload a video from my desktop computer straight to HT.
Irwin Myers
18:32 Mar 27, 22
It would be good to have an indicator to let me know whether I've voted on a roadmap idea or not. I see 'complete' by my name, but sometimes I've voted on it already and other times I haven't. Maybe have a check mark by the names of the people who have already voted for an idea.
Andy Graham
23:08 Apr 1, 22
It's best we build the same experience for all users.
I added the screenshot of Hobo on the phone while on a browser. And Android Hobo App.
Please send me a screenshot of the Iphone.
hoboontheroad AT yahoo.com

Please tell me the differences, or Andrew please edit the page and write the differences above.

Thanks Andy