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Development Strategy for Everyday Hobo


Ideally, EH needs one full-time PHP developer and one full-time font-end VueJS/Javascript developer. There is also a need for a database expert who will work for at-least two months monitoring logs for slow queries and work with the PHP developer to speed them up. The PHP developer would be responsible to work on the back-end and discuss with the front-end developer on how existing features can be improved or implement new features. These are all listed on the roadmap.

Open Source
If the EH code was public open source, how would we create a community of developers and get them to follow a release cycle from the roadmap? Successful open source projects have sponsors who sponsor the project. Money from there is used to pay the core team that is responsible to work on new features. Bigger projects organize events and meet ups around the world to attract developers.

The contributors fix minor bugs. Without the sponsors, there is nothing predictable in this approach.

Posted on March 2, 2022

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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