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Developers needed for EH


To comply with the new policy that developers need to post on the EH wall, we will discontinue working with existing freelancers.

To find new developers, we need to work on the Jobs Application. A developer would need to first sign-up on Everyday Hobo and then fill out the jobs application.


These are the positions that need to be filled immediately:

- MySQL database expert
- VueJS / frontend developer
- PHP developer
- iOS app developer
- Android app developer

Posted on 05:40 Mar 8, 22

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Andy Graham
11:21 Mar 7, 22
How do we assign this job to a freelancer?
Andrew Suares
05:40 Mar 8, 22
After they join, we give them this link. They would read and use this area to comment or post questions. Download the code from the repository, upload updates through the same. They don't need to post on Upwork.