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#408 Top and bottom of the app are using up too much screen space

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These highlighted buttons could easily be accessed in the drop menu. 

Posted on May 11, 2022

#402 Change Sort Of Roadmap - Started - Then Sign Up To Top

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I want extreme focus on money.

The sign up is where we earn money.

I want all the started jobs to move to top.

And if it has the label sign up, it goes all the way to the top.

Thank you, Andy

Posted on May 9, 2022

#382 Export csv accordion

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Export csv accordion data 

Posted on April 11, 2022

#229 Have a Public Zoom Meeting With Anonymous People

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Zoom meeting

1. Schedule

2. Advertise

3. Pay, and pay with ziilver

3. Send email campaigns

4. Dashboars for emails

5. Notifications

6. Password sent

7. Add people to master email list


Posted on March 1, 2022

#244 Ipad will not work with REMOTE keypad

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Talked to Andy and Andrew about issue via video conference. Keyboard works with all other major apps like YouTube and Facebook when ON but not HT.

Posted on February 7, 2022

#263 Experienced UX and UI for HT

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We need the HT interface to look pro like the top 50 apps.

HoboTraveler needs experienced

1) Growth hackers.

2) User Interface and User Experience experts.

These two need to work together to increase paid members.

You will need to work with the backend and database developers to add or change existing functionality.

Posted on February 7, 2022

#253 Too many topics

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Someone needs to limit the number of topics on the roadmap. We have information overload. 

Posted on February 7, 2022

#259 Zoom People Open to Anonymous Publc

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Wish Andrew to do it?  (TodoAg)

  1. Roadmap Link (TodoAg)

  2. Zoom Subdomain

  3. Add way to collect emails

  4. Add way to pay 50 dollars reserve a topic

  5. HT Bot

  6. Volunteer to be moderator form

Free Zoom Meet Up Open to Public

December 19, 2021, an open to public zoom meeting the third Sunday and each month. At 6:00 p.m. Eastern standard Time.

Google Docs Link


Introduction to HoboTraveler
By Andy Lee Graham CEO of HoboTraveler Inc.


Open anonymous zoom meeting

First Sunday December 19, 2021 (TodoAg)

Once per month using zoom

Always on Sunday

Always 6 PM EST on Sunday  (TodoAg)
The times may change, best way to know:

Apple, or Android App
Explore With Us, HoboTraveler.com https://www.everydayhobo.com/

Subscribe to Daily Travel Blog Vlog by Andy Lee Graham



Best Practice

Anonymous, Private, not recorded

Allow people to attend by phone.

Allow them to leave their video off.

Allow to have a mask that blocks your identity

Allow phone 

I don’t think you could block them from here and their video off. I even do this sometimes during the zoom meeting.

Most people on Zoom don’t give their full name.

We ask your name and location if they ask a question.

Send Out Meeting Invites. ...

Enable the Waiting Room Feature. ...

Add Guidelines to the Waiting Room. ...

Have a monitor

Once Everyone's There, Lock the Meeting. ...

Place All Participants on Mute. ...

Annotations are turned off.

Ideas to attract new members on a Zoom meeting

Types of Zoom meeting that you would invite English speaking third party to join the meeting with potential new Hobos:

How to get the link?
The link (TodoAg)
Best is to sign up for a daily newsletter - An email will be sent 2 hours before.  (TodoAg)

Member of HoboTraveler will receive Message by Private Hobo Chat  (TodoAg)

Andy’s Travel Blog, Vlog
Wiki Knowledge Top (TodoAg)
Wiki Knowledge Link (TodoAg)
YouTube Video   (TodoAg)

Weekly Email Campaign  (TodoAg)

Pay 50 Dollar For a Topics

Real Estate Abroad

Mail Service

Jerone on IATA Travel Center

Book Reading

Insurance agent


Hospital costs

Local Real-estate  agent

Medicare specialist

Supermarket prices

Local tour agent

Local attorney

Local assisted living

Expert on IATA Website
Donate Link   (TodoAg)

How to add a topic?
https://www.everydayhobo.com/contact/    (TodoAg)

Announcements  (TodoAg)

Meetup in Costa Rica with Bruce
Hobo Traveler is 4.99
No post card sent when you sign up honestly.

Posted on January 26, 2022

#309 test

Open page


Posted on January 25, 2022

#306 test

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Posted on January 24, 2022

#305 test

Open page


Posted on January 24, 2022

#200 Auto renew the HT Gold or Silver

Open page

HT Gold and Silver are not auto renewed right now. Update the HT Gold and Silver so that it auto renews.

Posted on January 3, 2022

#209 DO NOW ANDREW -- Bruce Burdick Proposed Meetup in Costa Rica

Open page

Send out HT Bot.
With this information
I will make video
Thanks, Andy

I offered to Andy to host a Meetup in Costa Rica in either December or January.  Here are some options and we would like to get feedback from the members

1. Meet in a beach town like Jaco. Best time would be before Christmas. After Christmas, the hotels and hostels fill up with locals on vacation. I mean full. No vacancy. Jaco and nearby Playa Herradura and Play Hermosa are surf destinations. There is a beach culture. Caught-the-same-day food options are common. It is under two hours to Manuel Antonio National Park or you can have a crocodile tour in the nearby town of Tarcoles. By mid-December, the rainy season is over and Jaco can be quite pleasant. Hot, but not as hot as it gets in May and beyond. This region is under two hours from the international airport.

2. Meet in San Jose. Best time would be after Christmas. The locals take their beach vacation when they have a holiday break, so the city is quiet. Traffic is light. There should be lots of beds available in many price ranges. However, some museums might be closed. It should still be possible to book a tour, if anyone is interested. Because of its altitude, San Jose has an ideal climate, especially after the rainy season is over. Dry, sunny days, but not too hot. [Not guaranteed.]

3. Meet in January. There is an influx of North American tourists after the holidays. However, many Hobos may decide that that's the best time for them for the same reasons as the tourists. San Jose will go back to work a few days after the new year. Things will be open. The kids might even be back in school. In this time period, it could be possible to have meetups in both locations, in the capital and at the beach.  It would be smart to book accommodations early.

Travel to Costa Rica requires filling out an online health form a few days before arriving. If you take a photo of your vaccination card and upload it to the form, you would not be required to buy Costa Rican health insurance for your stay.

Posted on January 3, 2022

#287 TEST what is this page

Open page

Posted on December 25, 2021

#282 Make Copy Gold, Silver to Subdomain So Freelancers Can Work

Open page

We need to make money.

We must focus, work on things that make money.

I believe we cannot update the Apple, Iphone App because they want to collect 30 percent of the money from Premium.

Will this stop Apple? Please reply here, on this page Andrew.
What do we need to do, to stop Applle from stopping the app? 

We cannot play games with Apple, we must abide by their rules.

1. Make an exact copy of the HT premium, silver, gold to a subdomain.

2. Andrew, name it the sub-domain what you want.

3. Have it hosted on another server.

4. Make it all function.

5. Add any other things you need to do here.

6. We need to make money.

7. Make it so this subdomain will not open in  the app.

Add more things to do here.

Thanks Andy

Posted on December 24, 2021

#285 Testing newsletter about new jobs to subscribed users

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Posted on December 23, 2021

#279 test123

Open page


Posted on December 22, 2021

#210 New Filters

Open page

Add New Filters in the Group Chat

- See posts only from users you follow (show this option always on mobile)

- See posts from users based on stars

- See only posts that won an award

- See posts from HT Silver, HT Gold etc

Posted on December 1, 2021