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Death of Andy Lee Graham Succession of CEO



Andy's Will

Tranfer of domains

Transfer of CEO

Stock ownership transferr

Location of will

Email passwords

Passwords of Andy

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Posted on 20:08 Jan 1, 22

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Dave Bianes
16:24 Jan 1, 22
All very important items for the future of HT. Not sure how most of the line items translate to assignable job or jobs.
Andy Graham
20:08 Jan 1, 22
I am assigning this job to myself. Andy Lee Graham -- In the corporate minutes of December 29, 2021, I outline 55 points to explain. I am going to make a long video explaining all the points of what to do if I died, or other.The place it online for everyone. There is a little danger with this video, because it will explain where I file all the passwords, knowledge, that could shut down the site. For example, if a person had my passwords for hosting, they could destroy it. Thanks Dave, Andy