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Create Blog System For Members, With Newsletter



We make is so each member of HoboTraveler can have their own Blog.

This is public.

RSS feed included.

They write, then when they publish it is pushed to the Hobo group chat.

Any person, whether member, or non members can subscribe, and receive an email.

Only members can have the Blog.

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham

Posted on 23:11 Dec 31, 21

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Tom Thorsen
00:16 Dec 11, 21
I assume this would attract new members?
Brant Pinkman
23:02 Dec 31, 21
I would use this feature. I'm trying to create my own blog on Wordpress right now...what a pain. I would prefer to post a link to longer articles rather than post the whole thing on the talk wall.
Andy Graham
23:11 Dec 31, 21
Yes, thanks for the feedback. We can give every member a blog, vlog -- Andy