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There are organized people who want to know.

When I go life, for example, Will has asked this many times.

YouTube does not send emails to people outside the USA. 

This is one reason maybe Odysee is good. EXCEPT, they do not seem to send immediately, and they create digest of eamils

People want to know when I go live

Email Campaigns -- Can use for Zoom, or Brave Talk

1. 2 days before
2. 10 hours before
3. 1 hour before
4  10 minutes before
5. I want to be able to add emails to this system

Do the same for NEW videos

Posted on 08:37 Mar 28, 22

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Irwin Myers
18:24 Mar 27, 22
I wanted to vote on my phone, but was asked to sign in. So I signed in to everydayhobo and it just brought me to the main site. I was able to vote on my desktop, but not my phone. Just went back and forth from the roadmap to the main site and even though I was signed in, it kept asking me to sign in.
Rich Gedney
19:00 Mar 27, 22
Which then let me go to voting section.
Andy Graham
23:38 Mar 27, 22
Thank you, it is sort of silly. Testing is maybe more important than doing the work. Andrew -- Give us a comment. Thanks Andy
Dave Bianes
06:18 Mar 28, 22
My issue is the links open in the default browser. It does not matter if you are signed in to the app you must be signed in on the website in the same browser as the link opens in. The roadmap is not in the app.
Dave Bianes
06:22 Mar 28, 22
That said as soon as I posted that comment I go to the app and there is the roadmap link in my face. Will follow up after more testing.
Dave Bianes
06:31 Mar 28, 22
I can vote in the app links. I have a theory but it's a little bit above my pay grade. Hopefully Andrew understands what it is and can explain it better than me if it is even what I think is going on.
Andrew Suares
08:37 Mar 28, 22
Really good explanation Rich. You explained the solution to the problem when users are logged in in some other browser. This is precisely why the user needs to enter a code when they signup. A link would throw them over to some other browser and they would not be logged in. I've added the roadmap link next to the Activity button in the app.