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Newest comments from HT Members discussing the roadmap features.

Card #358 - Andy Graham
18:51 Feb 21, 23
Hello Andrew, I want to pay the 30 percent to Google and Apple if they can do a monthly subscription.
I greatly updated this top job.
Card #435 - Andy Graham
16:56 Feb 18, 23
Darcy I appreciate you wanting to edit the Google Docs, passion is great. Please make a Google docs, edit, add, etc. T/hen place it here. Me, and Andrew are the only ones who edit this page directly. Thanks life is good. People change my words.
Card #269 - Andy Graham
14:43 Feb 17, 23
Hello Andrew, please list out the differences at the top of this page between Iphone, and Android, Desktop

I have the small Iphone working now.

Thank you, Andy
Card #432 - Andy Graham
19:41 Feb 15, 23
Hello James, serial hiding - I have expanded this greatly. When this job is comprehensive, or funded, we will move it over the main area. Please note, that Andrew does do small obvious tweaks. We will be hiring teams, and these issues will be solve faster. Thanks for your patience. Andy Lee Graham CEO HT-ET
Card #419 - Andrew Suares
06:28 Feb 15, 23
HI Tom! The settings there are only for email notifications. A settings area for app notifications will be built in future. Thanks.
Card #429 - Andy Graham
02:30 Feb 15, 23
Gary, this is not a job. Therefore, I will delete it.
Card #428 - Andrew Suares
10:58 Feb 14, 23
Added the 'Add Feature' button in the footer.
Card #427 - Andy Graham
12:31 Feb 13, 23
History of HT - EH the first job posted to the new lounge area. The lounge is a list of jobs, that we have not explained in great details It's a queue of ideas for jobs, that I can prioritize, and move to the main page. Thanks Andrew for making the lounge.

I guess we need to be able to get the deleted jobs to move back to the lounge. Thanks great work.
Card #424 - Andrew Suares
04:37 Feb 12, 23
I've added a sort button next to the price.
Card #350 - Andy Graham
20:02 Feb 1, 23
Andrew, thank you. This is very good explaining the benefits and you put a price on there so great. I'm hoping that every single job on the road map soon as the price on it so I can pitch it to investors as the business plan. It could even have a sum at the bottom saying the total of all the jobs, so they could see how much money we would need.

There's two aspects to these posts, the benefit to the member. Then written in a format so that a person coul.d bid on it
Card #350 - Andy Graham
19:59 Feb 1, 23
Darcy, WhatsApp is collecting data on you and tracking everything you do even though they tell you they're not. Facebook method of earning money is to sell your data.
Card #350 - Andrew Suares
07:03 Jan 31, 23
Because an integrated feature set results in a better user experience.

If you are friends with 10 members, you can quickly see that adding them on Whatsapp is cumbersome. With a Whatsapp like messenger built in EH, members would be able to create groups, share photos, files etc with all of the core feature set of creds, super verifieds', tags & filters. Sharing albums would be seamless. More photos of meetups shared between friends in your group. This is where sharing gets used a lot more. One member shares an album within their group of 10 friends and then one friend shares the same album in another group of 10 friends. Usage would double from that single share.

There would be a lot more inclusive things members would do with faster chats within the groups they create. You are limited on Whatsapp within the group of people you already know.

A group of 5 on Whatsapp generates tonnes of messages. This is because the user has curated the list of friends in the group. The EH wall is where the user would curate their friends from.

You would not be limited on the things you want to talk about within the group of friends you create.
Card #225 - D'Arcy Wright
20:26 Jan 24, 23
Works for me. Thanks again..and no, I'm not looking for a job LOL
Card #225 - Andy Graham
12:31 Jan 24, 23
D'arcy, we can use Zoom to be super verified. This is a job creation, to make explainer videos.

To do super verified, we must actually show our ID to another person, not paper, not library card, a passport, or a drivers license
Card #225 - D'Arcy Wright
02:13 Jan 24, 23
What reasons would stop the use of something like Zoom to do this? How would it be different than a personal meet in terms of verification?

@Andy, you and I met in Sosua DR in Rocky's ar the upper bar area and chatted for a long time when you were living there, in the apartment, upstairs, across from Bailee's restaurant. I think there was a language school there or next door.. We didn't exactly exchange ID's but you know it was me and I knew it was you...and I also think that should be enough for me to be super verified, no? LOL

Thanks, D'Arcy
Card #350 - D'Arcy Wright
02:08 Jan 24, 23
Why bother to reinvent the wheel when we already have Whatsapp, or whichever other app you might choose to promote using? What would be the benefit for the amount og[f cost and hassle? $25 is a drop in the ocean for something like this. thanks
Card #420 - Andy Graham
20:24 Nov 22, 22
It would be great to have a place for members to bid on this job.
Card #420 - Andy Graham
20:23 Nov 22, 22
Hello Andrew, Thanks for adding the price. We could use 2-3 filters. 1. People we follow 2. Negative Words
Card #418 - Andy Graham
13:15 Aug 8, 22
Hello Tom, thank you, I am going to talk to Dion about this problem today.
Card #273 - Andy Graham
12:42 Jul 19, 22
We need to test the printing of membership cards. If you wish to be a test person, please contact Andy - Must be inside the USA.
Card #167 - James Parchman
13:36 Jun 19, 22
Could be either attach or insert
Card #417 - Andrew Suares
15:39 Jun 15, 22
Most likely a problem with your phone. Tested and works fine.
Card #416 - Andrew Suares
13:45 Jun 4, 22
Does it still not open?
Card #415 - Andrew Suares
07:36 Jun 1, 22
Added a scroll bar.
Card #273 - Andy Graham
18:03 May 31, 22
I talked to Dan and he wants the photos 1 inch by 1 in for the combination membership card identification card. Therefore Andrew needs to adjust everything upward so that the one inch by one inch is created
Card #383 - Andy Graham
10:34 May 26, 22
Please add a place in CP for me to change these words. To be successful, we must choose the perfect words. We want data of clicks on every link for the main navigation, so we can objectively say when something has been clicked on.
Card #273 - Andy Graham
12:01 May 24, 22
I am working with Dan F to do Business Cards. I put up a job on upwork, and they appear to stupid. I have a company that can do 100 cards, send them to a person in the USA for 15 dollars. I TRULY WISH A HARD RETURN WOULD WORK ON THIS BOX SO I COULD TYPE CORRECTLY.
Card #411 - Andy Graham
16:10 May 18, 22
Rich, a google calendar you can create - How do you want this to intersect wQith Everyday Hobo?
Card #410 - Andy Graham
22:12 May 17, 22
Hello Tom, thanks for update on Iphone problems.
Card #169 - Andy Graham
05:33 May 15, 22
The sort is wrong on the Roadmap
Card #407 - Rich Gedney
09:16 May 10, 22
Yes, we just need to work on easy way to get here to vote up via phone. Lol Will contact Andrew, took me 4 - 5 min. to get to this area to vote up.
Card #407 - Andy Graham
08:44 May 10, 22
Rich, this can help you?
Card #400 - Andy Graham
12:58 May 9, 22
This is not completed -- The sort is not working.

1. All Started to the top
2. Sub-Sort - Signup will be the very top of the sorted.
3. Change Tweak box to green, not important to sort.
4. Change all non-tweaks to other color. MAKE THIS BOX SO HARD RETURNS WORK.
Card #166 - Andy Graham
11:28 May 9, 22
Please break this job into smaller manageable jobs. Maybe 5 different jobs. The strategy of one big job is to overwhelming. -- When a person procrastinates a job, it is this reason. Please add a new label - Break Job Down -Some label that says, to divide. Thanks Andy
Card #389 - Andy Graham
13:35 May 6, 22
Rich -- We need you to create a list of things to change on the registration. Please give a list of things to do, change, ideas. Delete all the screenshots unless they point out things to do. Thanks Andy
Card #398 - Andy Graham
13:31 May 6, 22
Andrew - We get all our members from my newsletter. We can get all our investors from this newsletter.

Aaagh, this has no way to add new lines. It just becomes a big paragraph.
Card #399 - Andrew Suares
10:40 May 6, 22
The iPhone did not require an update because the keyboard handles the webview better than Android. On Android, the keyboard requires adjustments for webview.
Card #395 - Andrew Suares
10:38 May 6, 22
Hi Dave,

A new update is available. You can move the text box so that the keyboard does not cover the screen. Removing the buttons is not possible at this time. We will look at it in future.
Card #399 - Andy Graham
08:01 May 6, 22
Please change the title to make correct. I will approve this job when you describe the job correctly.
Card #399 - Andy Graham
07:59 May 6, 22
So, is this an Iphone update?
Card #395 - Dave Bianes
14:09 May 1, 22
The buttons do not need displayed. There is way too much screen space being used by the app for static objects above and below the actual content.
Card #395 - Dave Bianes
14:05 May 1, 22
The banner still covers up the photos and now the onscreen keyboard covers the text box so you can no longer see what you are trying to type.
Card #395 - Tom Thorsen
21:12 Apr 30, 22
I don’t use the Hobo App for other technical reasons but follow Everrydayhobo through the Website. ( Not sure if website is correct name)but the “Find Hobo” is missing on the website. I can’t put a screen shot of this issue on Roadmap to show. If you have any questions call me.
Card #395 - Andy Graham
12:17 Apr 24, 22
I see the problem. These two buttons should be covered by the keyboard. They should go under the keyboard and be hidden when we write something.

The banner doesn't need removed it needs to be hidden.
Card #388 - Rich Gedney
02:26 Apr 22, 22
Got it! Thanks Andrew! We can mark Complete!
Card #392 - Andy Graham
19:42 Apr 19, 22
Great now we made the world a better place by sharing this information. I'm making a 30-hour trip and when I arrived in USA I will set up the long-term solution so I can do two to three videos interviews a week.
Card #392 - Dion Yang
16:15 Apr 19, 22
can use the qbittorrent client to create a torrent to share files:

(skip the part about adding trackers if you want to make the torrent private)
Card #384 - Andy Graham
10:56 Apr 19, 22
The share is the number one exponential feature of any site. It is the only way an site grows viral. I want to assume, I assume that this is the priority that I should never explain must work. I want all team hobo people to push this issue.
Card #388 - Andrew Suares
07:24 Apr 18, 22
Hi Rich, I sent you an email with the link to the dashboard.
Card #390 - Andy Graham
00:26 Apr 18, 22
Meetups are free for silver, and gold members.
Card #389 - Andy Graham
06:12 Apr 17, 22
Rich - Please make a bulleted list of jobs to perform. The value of a screenshot is to point out a problem, please explain below the screen shot the problem, and the fix you recommend. Thank you, Andy
Card #389 - Andy Graham
02:04 Apr 17, 22
Thank you. If we pointed out every flaw in the sign up, and we had a team of 5 to 10 people doing it. We would probably start earning money and over fist.
Card #379 - Rich Gedney
22:40 Apr 16, 22
Andrew this goes back to what Andy says about graphics. If you look at the graphic and then close your eyes and can not remember anything that jumps out at you. Then it's not working. You should be able to remember the logo and a catch phrase with your eyes closed. Other wise it just does not work. When I look at this graphic it just makes me NOT want to look at it. Too busy. KISS is always a go to. Keep it simple. Cheers. Rich.
Card #228 - Brant Pinkman
22:26 Apr 16, 22
Would be good to be able to list multiple phone numbers. Example, I have 2 US, 1 Guatemala and WhatsApp numbers.
Card #388 - Andy Graham
22:13 Apr 16, 22
This is super high, super high, extremely high priority. Rich is kicking ass, and taking names, and we need the red carpet treatment for him. He needs his own email campaign. separate from me.
Card #166 - Andy Graham
21:42 Apr 16, 22
114 days -- Investors see this, sign up is a big deal, the investors want to see signups.
Card #337 - Andy Graham
21:30 Apr 16, 22
The email is super awkward - super awkward, These have to be simple emails, we cannot include extra words. People do not want confusion, extra words are confusion. Can we add a way to edit these emails the same as email compaigns?
Card #379 - Andy Graham
21:18 Apr 16, 22
Reduce the number of words to 1/3 of what is there.
Card #383 - Andy Graham
13:18 Apr 15, 22
Can we make this overlay transparent, and on every page on the site, all the subdomains, everywhere, n the app, everywhere. - Then make is so I can change the words.
Card #337 - Andy Graham
13:13 Apr 15, 22
Is this job done? Is is one of the most important jobs we have, please make it so people can sign up easier THIS IS IMPORTANT, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
Card #379 - Andy Graham
11:06 Apr 12, 22
The Graphic on the computer does not obey the rules of branding.


Name - Everyday Hobo is BIG

Card #379 - Andy Graham
11:36 Apr 11, 22
This is still violating the primary rules of branding. 1. The logo is first thing we see. 2. The Everyday Hobo phrase is connected.
Card #382 - Andrew Suares
08:07 Apr 11, 22
Card #348 - Andy Graham
16:57 Apr 10, 22
The value of this app is that we can use web web pages referenced. Wikipedia etc. The normal user is not going to be able to create a page on hobo traveler to insert into this app.. page has to sit on the app somewhere
Card #348 - Andy Graham
16:56 Apr 10, 22
Thanks for putting the search on. I think it needs to also search the sub topics below the chapters.
Card #337 - Andy Graham
20:42 Apr 9, 22
Andrew - Please finish this, - I sign up for 3 websites per day, and only 1 in 20 has the code. The new one with crypto have, for example Twitch. Twitch has both the code, and the link, and a super signup. But all in all a super crazy difficult site to use. I often think that people are only addicted to confusion and obfusication.
Card #375 - Tom Thorsen
14:35 Apr 9, 22
Thanks Andrew
Card #375 - Andrew Suares
14:26 Apr 9, 22
Hi Tom, I've added the email notifier.
Card #375 - Tom Thorsen
14:16 Apr 9, 22
Haven’t donated lately,but i paid for something online with another company and never received an acknowledgement.i kept wandering if they ever received my order.
Your friend,
Card #375 - Andy Graham
10:19 Apr 9, 22
Andrew -- Tom is an investor -- please acknowledge this, and DO IT.

Ignoring small tweaks is a huge problem for us.
Card #166 - Andy Graham
10:08 Apr 9, 22
The one dip-shit coder knew this was valuable -- How much money?
Card #379 - Andy Graham
10:01 Apr 9, 22
Please "BRAND" the the words big.
There is a repeat of same phrase
"Everyday Hobo."
Big Logo

Make the two graphics, one on phone, and one on computer the same.
Card #379 - Andrew Suares
09:04 Apr 9, 22
Card #375 - Andy Graham
02:20 Apr 9, 22
I hope I haven't missed a donation in the last few days.

I try to be more personable and do it but we should also always give an email on any money paid or given for any reason.

We have a new section on money that we can go through point by point and make sure that there's emails acknowledgment.

I'm really extremely concerned and thinking about calling it The Golden Rule.. treat people as we'd like to be treated right. I get extremely angry when somebody doesn't return or comment on an investors opinion whether they agree or don't agree or they don't know an answer they need to acknowledge everything.

Our investors are of extreme value.

Thanks Tom I appreciate your help.
Card #374 - Andy Graham
20:35 Apr 8, 22
Yes, we are going to give a freelance a job to improve, this is a great system if we can make is simple enough for everyone to use. Thanks Rich
Card #374 - Rich Gedney
13:49 Apr 8, 22
Accordions let users expand and collapse sections of content. They help users navigate material quickly and allow the UI designer to include large amounts of information in limited space? Or is this used in some other way?
Card #369 - Andy Graham
12:09 Apr 8, 22
I updated this on April 8, 2022 -- https://roadmap.everydayhobo.com/find-one-podcaster-to-interview-andy
Card #337 - Andy Graham
10:29 Apr 8, 22
How are you doing, is there now a link in the sign up email people receive. When a job is finished, the goal is you, Andrew change it to completed. I get an email and the person who started gets an email. The I change it to admin finished. Thank you, Andy
Card #372 - Andrew Suares
12:45 Apr 7, 22
Ads removed
Card #369 - Andy Graham
10:27 Apr 7, 22
Andrew -- These comments are scrambles, it does not allow hard breaks in lines. please...
Card #369 - Andy Graham
10:26 Apr 7, 22
Interviews - Talk with Influencers:

Sorry, there was some confusion - I do not want to interview members of Everyday Hobo, only if they they have 1000 subscribers.

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham
Card #371 - Rich Gedney
22:29 Apr 3, 22
Looked up having a Wikipedia page for business. I did not know that it was a good marketing tool. For that reason, voting up! I learn something new every day investing in Everyday Hobo and reading the road map. As the ole Monkeys song went, I'm a believer!
Card #339 - Andy Graham
14:01 Apr 3, 22
Is this job done? Please say clearly.
This job is done,
Card #337 - Andy Graham
13:54 Apr 3, 22
Andrew - Mark H wanted to reset password, and it gave a code. He could not find his way back to the page on -- Add a link, this is costing us tons of money .Add a link to confirm above the code.
Thanks Andy
Card #339 - Andrew Suares
08:42 Apr 2, 22
Made a change. Just use the everydayhobo CP.
Card #254 -
08:22 Mar 31, 22
Very good
Card #355 - Andy Graham
01:53 Mar 31, 22
Thanks Andrew
Card #361 - Andy Graham
16:15 Mar 30, 22
Andrew great job. I did this in real time is I had the idea inside a restaurant sitting at a table. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? I am brilliant ideas and you have brilliant ideas and they need captured. I don't do anything at a special time I don't stop and work on something. When I have a great idea I capture it. The road map is a way of capturing great ideas from members and investors and the whole world. And by sharing it with the whole world we prove that we are not just trying to make money we are trying to help them. A great idea should be shared with the world.. cancer would be cured right now if everybody work together.
Card #361 - Andy Graham
16:10 Mar 30, 22
I would like a label that said viral feature. I would like this comment to not be scrambled and put into one paragraph.

I would like a link to be live in here
Card #360 - Andrew Suares
09:05 Mar 30, 22
Card #357 - Andrew Suares
09:03 Mar 30, 22
Added the email notifier.
Card #359 - Andrew Suares
09:01 Mar 30, 22
Fixed for new posts.
Card #349 - Andrew Suares
09:01 Mar 30, 22
Made the change.
Card #355 - Andrew Suares
09:00 Mar 30, 22
If a user delete their profile photo, the post will not show in the activity area.
Card #355 - Andy Graham
18:14 Mar 29, 22
Andrew What change did you do?
Card #355 - Andrew Suares
06:05 Mar 29, 22
Added the change.
Card #340 - Andy Graham
13:27 Mar 28, 22
Thank you Andrew - I will move this to Admin Finished. Then we we think of new ways to get paid, we will add them one at a time. Great job. Andy
Card #353 - Andrew Suares
08:56 Mar 28, 22
Card #334 - Andrew Suares
08:38 Mar 28, 22
Added the day and time.
Card #354 - Andrew Suares
08:37 Mar 28, 22
Really good explanation Rich. You explained the solution to the problem when users are logged in in some other browser. This is precisely why the user needs to enter a code when they signup. A link would throw them over to some other browser and they would not be logged in. I've added the roadmap link next to the Activity button in the app.
Card #354 - Dave Bianes
06:31 Mar 28, 22
I can vote in the app links. I have a theory but it's a little bit above my pay grade. Hopefully Andrew understands what it is and can explain it better than me if it is even what I think is going on.
Card #354 - Dave Bianes
06:22 Mar 28, 22
That said as soon as I posted that comment I go to the app and there is the roadmap link in my face. Will follow up after more testing.
Card #354 - Dave Bianes
06:18 Mar 28, 22
My issue is the links open in the default browser. It does not matter if you are signed in to the app you must be signed in on the website in the same browser as the link opens in. The roadmap is not in the app.
Card #354 - Andy Graham
23:38 Mar 27, 22
Thank you, it is sort of silly. Testing is maybe more important than doing the work. Andrew -- Give us a comment. Thanks Andy
Card #340 - Andy Graham
20:34 Mar 27, 22
Andrew - There is a link to make into a pay link - Register for Fort Wayne Hobo Meetup.

May 21, 2022 Meet-Up Fort Wayne, Indiana Pay $20 Dollar Registration
Card #354 - Rich Gedney
19:00 Mar 27, 22
Which then let me go to voting section.
Card #353 - Irwin Myers
18:27 Mar 27, 22
Yes! This will make it easier for people to vote on things.
Card #354 - Irwin Myers
18:24 Mar 27, 22
I wanted to vote on my phone, but was asked to sign in. So I signed in to everydayhobo and it just brought me to the main site. I was able to vote on my desktop, but not my phone. Just went back and forth from the roadmap to the main site and even though I was signed in, it kept asking me to sign in.
Card #334 - Andy Graham
15:04 Mar 27, 22
I like to work on this daily, as the email compaigns is the viral engine of exponential growth. Done correct, we make people happy, done wrong, they think of us as spammers. Thanks Andy
Card #348 - Andrew Suares
05:45 Mar 26, 22
That's right. The accordion interface is available but the method of getting content needs to be built. This new system will be a Web app. Previously, the method of creating the keto 10 was a csv file which no one could use. The new approach is to use editor.everydayhobo.com to publish to the keto10 sub domain.
Card #340 - Andy Graham
23:48 Mar 25, 22
Andrew - Please click on all the links in the payment area, and remove all the Google Adsense from top of pages. Thanks Andy
Card #345 - Andrew Suares
16:23 Mar 25, 22
The change is in.
Card #348 - Andy Graham
14:10 Mar 25, 22
Hello Andrew - I do not quite understand. Do we already have some code I used the FAQ - That used to be in the middle top of the page?
We want this to look like an app on the smrartphone?
Card #334 - Andy Graham
14:25 Mar 24, 22
Emails are the viral feature, sending emails prompts members to submit. Too many, they quit, too few, and they do not engage site.

I try to tweak this area daily. It is super hard to know which day I am sending an email. I must open everyone of them, then remember, Especially difficult for my dyslexic brain.

Card #343 - Andy Graham
08:14 Mar 24, 22
I created a form they can submit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSekSIY_mwXcCTyjATF0kKabp0KM7RITqFn7NPp-7ZyhcNCGBw/viewform?usp=sf_link
Card #343 - Andy Graham
07:40 Mar 24, 22
Hello, I will write a paragraph - Short, and put on Google Docs, and when we hire a freelancers, this is a requirement to work. Thank for posting the job Andrew
Card #338 - Andrew Suares
06:14 Mar 24, 22
Try now.
Card #338 - Andy Graham
06:04 Mar 24, 22
Andrew - I have clean cache, I have CTRL - F5, I have rebooted my computer.

Please change the name of the post I am on right now to 10 times 0123456789

Using these numbers Post them 10 times so I know I it works, because it does not work for me.

If it does not work for a this post, then do a new post and publish it.

Thanks Andy

Amazing, Ilya made it so I can edit the post, but does not make it so the line breaks work.????
Card #338 - Andrew Suares
10:52 Mar 23, 22
The cache may not have cleared. Try a hard refresh. Ctrl + F5.
Card #335 - Andrew Suares
10:51 Mar 23, 22
This will take longer. There seems to be an issue with the date. It is not set when the job is set as complete.
Card #338 - Andy Graham
21:01 Mar 22, 22
You say 100, I cannot enter more than 70 -- I clear the cache, ran CCcleaner - Is there something I am doing wrong? I started a new job, I cannot get it to go more than 70. Thanks Andy
Card #341 - Andrew Suares
13:00 Mar 22, 22
Contributors will now receive an email when new jobs are posted.
Card #338 - Andrew Suares
12:59 Mar 22, 22
It's 100 now.
Card #166 - Andy Graham
11:42 Mar 22, 22
Andrew -- This job is important, we need a price so we can budget - How much money to add the sign up with Google option? Thanks Andy
Card #338 - Andy Graham
17:50 Mar 21, 22
Then make it 100
Card #340 - Andy Graham
17:48 Mar 21, 22
The Bitcoin Beach Zoom meeting for 20 dollars payment is wanted. Therefore, I can start promoting the date. Thank you Andy
Card #340 - Andy Graham
17:47 Mar 21, 22
Please remove all the adsense from all the areas to pay. Thank you, Andy
Card #338 - Andrew Suares
14:24 Mar 21, 22
It was set to 80 not 70.
Card #335 - Andy Graham
12:25 Mar 21, 22
This is look good.

I want the date I changed it to Admin Finished.
So an investor could see how often, and how fast we do jobs.
Card #338 - Andy Graham
12:20 Mar 21, 22
Please change the title to

Title Of Job -- IN BOLD remove the lecture.
Card #338 - Andy Graham
12:17 Mar 21, 22
You increased it to 70
That is not enough.

Please increase to 90 if you can.

What is the maximum?
Card #338 - Andrew Suares
08:55 Mar 21, 22
I've made the change.
Card #326 - Andy Graham
10:33 Mar 20, 22
Andrew - Can you add a footer area at the bottom of the emails sent.

The code in this area would be saved. Included with each email, and we update as we want.
Card #335 - Andy Graham
19:05 Mar 19, 22
Andrew can you add the date completed to the jobs finished, ? Thanks Andy
Card #334 - Andy Graham
07:59 Mar 18, 22
Andrew, we prompt, tempt members using the email campaigns. Please remove the friction of using by adding the days, and the time so I can easily set them up, and not annoy members also. Thanks Andy
Card #332 - Andy Graham
22:11 Mar 17, 22
Yes Dave that's a good idea especially for security reasons, it would be good to remove. I will add we need to have a hard delete. In a database nothing is never deleted it's moved from one column a to column b. And you don't see it. Hard delete would be going into that column b and running a predetermined timed program that deletes the cells. When you delete your Facebook account it is not deleted. It is still on the server.
Card #325 - Dave Bianes
09:50 Mar 17, 22
That is sounding better.
Card #325 - Andrew Suares
05:26 Mar 17, 22
Nothing is stored online. It is just a simple export no sync no nothing. Backups generated by the app need to be stored in the phones local filesystem. Nothing is saved online.

The idea is to create more utility apps under the HoboTraveler brand. If this app had 2000 downloads, 1000 would discover everydayhobo and maybe 200 would install it.
Card #325 - Andy Graham
22:42 Mar 16, 22
Dave you are right, this is against our code of security, we do not want anything of value on the site.
Card #325 - Dave Bianes
13:12 Mar 16, 22
So a person's contacts would be stored on a Hobo server? That sounds like personal data on Hobo?
Card #328 - Dave Bianes
12:59 Mar 16, 22
This sounds like it will discourage check-in. Will I be able to click on a check in for someone and get a Google maps page opened up with a pin ???? at the check in spot? I believe check in to the city level is good. Sometimes people get too specific with their check-in. If it is easy for someone to just click and get directions. That sounds like a negative to get people to check in.
Card #328 - Andrew Suares
12:51 Mar 15, 22
Turns out this is easy to do because Google Maps can open a location with a lat and long. So I will just set the link to that and it will open in Google maps.
Card #328 - Andy Graham
12:21 Mar 15, 22
Andrew -- What is the job for freelancers? This is a statement, not a job to be performed? What action do you want done?
Card #326 - Andy Graham
19:44 Mar 12, 22
This is Jump To Top Then
Card #326 - Andy Graham
19:43 Mar 12, 22
Please remove the auto insert of videos, and make it work as WYSIWYG -- The auto insert is of minor importance compared to being able to write into emails. Thanks Andy
Card #327 - Andy Graham
19:29 Mar 12, 22
Amazing, that link is not live. aagh
Card #327 - Andy Graham
19:28 Mar 12, 22
Irwin posted a job that is essentially the same December 4, 2021, please merge, and add to the job of Irwin. https://roadmap.everydayhobo.com/renewing-silver-and-gold-upgrades
Card #326 - Andrew Suares
05:47 Mar 12, 22
This is not a tweak. Using a WYSIWYG would remove the auto insert of videos.
Card #293 - Andy Graham
20:59 Mar 9, 22
I tested it, I can now experiment with different advertising words to increase the number of members. We can do this for everywhere their is words written to tempt.
Card #325 - Andy Graham
09:09 Mar 9, 22
Thank you Andrew, losing photos, contacts, problem the world. When we care about people, we do not want to lose contact. Thank you Andy Lee Graham
Card #293 - Andrew Suares
07:07 Mar 9, 22
New link under marketing to edit. Everyday hobo > CP > Marketing > Edit Newsletter Modal 1
Card #322 - Irwin Myers
18:38 Mar 8, 22
The only other thing I would add, unless I missed it above, is to have a thumbs up and thumbs down on each post and have a running tally of the numbers.
Card #323 - Andrew Suares
05:40 Mar 8, 22
After they join, we give them this link. They would read and use this area to comment or post questions. Download the code from the repository, upload updates through the same. They don't need to post on Upwork.
Card #323 - Andy Graham
11:21 Mar 7, 22
How do we assign this job to a freelancer?
Card #315 - Irwin Myers
16:01 Mar 1, 22
My vision of this is to make this a combo of Craigslist and Google Adwords. Charge for the listing, charge for a display ad, charge for premium placement. Give people the option for auto renew.
Card #316 - Andy Graham
11:04 Mar 1, 22
Andrew, the goal here is you write the specification for a freelancer. We allow freelancers to read the specs, and they bid on the job. You give us an estimate, so investors can know more or less, then the freelancer bids.

All jobs are request for proposals.
Andy Lee Graham CEO HoboTraveler Inc.
Card #289 - Irwin Myers
18:38 Feb 6, 22
All members and anyone who joins gets 1 share of HT. This gives them some skin in the game and incentivizes them to make HT huge.
Card #293 - Andy Graham
12:22 Feb 4, 22
I members come from YouTube and the newsletter. This thing is a direct correlation to us making money.
Card #300 - Andy Graham
16:46 Feb 1, 22
Andrew - I think you can do this job of adding met people, "I met Rich" button. Thanks
Card #293 - Andy Graham
16:42 Feb 1, 22
Andrew -- Please do of modal editable- This is extremely high. They sign up for the Newsletter, and YouTube, then come over to wall. Please it is a funnel.
And tweaks that are Do It are to be a the top of the queue.

is super high priority jobs. Tweaks are to be sorted to the top
Card #301 - Andy Graham
11:06 Jan 29, 22
I will now change the status to Admin Finished. I am the only one that can use that click.
Card #301 - Andy Graham
11:06 Jan 29, 22
Andrew, Thanks for finishing. I click on the verdict completed. I do not think it changed. I hope to receive an emails when you click completed. I hope to receive one when I click completed.
Card #301 - Andy Graham
11:04 Jan 29, 22
Irwin -- Yes, we allow members to leave the site. However, we should not close our site. Many sites will not allow members to leave easily. We allow them to leave easy enough. However, to close our site is not the goal.
Card #301 - Andrew Suares
10:36 Jan 29, 22
Done for new links. A newly added link will open in a new tab.
Card #307 - Andy Graham
08:11 Jan 27, 22
Yes correct Irwin. We have hundreds of great ideas, without a comprehensive strategy of promoting the ideas or benefits they do nothing. However a truly great idea doesn't need any promotion.
Card #307 - Irwin Myers
21:24 Jan 26, 22
This idea isn't easy to find on the Roadmap. Maybe when there's a comment, the item goes to the top. Anyway, yes, I think that a 5 minute teaser is a great way to advertise the session. Test, test, test to find the winning approach.
Card #307 - Andy Graham
19:54 Jan 26, 22
Maybe I go live on YouTube for 15 minutes. The first five. Leave this up for a week where I tell everybody about the zoom meeting. The only way they can attend is to join
Card #307 - Irwin Myers
19:41 Jan 26, 22
Top 10 Perfect Cities. Of course no place is perfect but you might want to discuss the top 10 cities with eight or above healthcare, safety, weather, friendliness, cost of living, and visa requirements. There may not be 10, so discuss 5 perhaps. Maybe do this for the first 15 minutes and then if people are members they get to stick around for the q&a. Otherwise they have to join for the q&a.
Card #307 - Irwin Myers
15:07 Jan 26, 22
Not sure if it's being done, but it would be good to let subcsibers to your YouTube channel, newsletter, and HT know in advance that you'll be live on YouTube, when, topic, etc. If it's a particularly hot topic, maybe advertise on a FB travel channel or some other travel site. Make people register with their email for full access.
Card #296 - Andy Graham
09:11 Jan 26, 22
Thank you Andrew - I will move this to "Admin Finished."
Card #296 - Andrew Suares
06:33 Jan 26, 22
Done, its 2 days now.
Card #304 - Irwin Myers
02:04 Jan 25, 22
D and E. Somone has to review as part of the verification process. But they need to know what's wrong and how to fix it. This is one of the most important aspects of HT. So this needs to be implemented asap.
Card #301 - Irwin Myers
01:56 Jan 25, 22
We need to keep them on the HT site. If it takes them to YouTube for instance, they may get distracted by another video offering.
Card #304 - Rich Gedney
13:49 Jan 24, 22
Trust is so important. Any one can just throw up a photo on facebook and start scamming people. HT is leading the way for real people to be safe meeting others
Card #304 - Tom Thorsen
13:17 Jan 24, 22
Until something is done I would remove the “Report” button until done or respond when someone reports a photo. When not responding to a request of a email or report button with at least a yea or nay
Card #304 - Tom Thorsen
12:09 Jan 24, 22
I would do“e” for now.
Card #304 - Andy Graham
09:40 Jan 24, 22
Please vote up - This a trust issue, Please vote this up, to have great profile photos is required for other members to trust HoboTraveler Inc. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham
Card #296 - Andy Graham
11:45 Jan 23, 22
To Finish this job, then please make the list of snippets for 2 days
Card #292 - Andy Graham
10:17 Jan 22, 22
Andrew -- Have you unblocked all emails? Thanks Andy
Card #299 - Andy Graham
07:44 Jan 21, 22
The "Admin Finish" are to be a the top of sort for 3 days. Then move to a separate link. Then this link is available to the world to show the worlk we finish, and the speed.

We are demonstrating the process of management to Investors.

Thank you Andy Lee Graham CEO HoboTraveler Inc.
Card #299 - Andy Graham
12:59 Jan 19, 22
Thanks Jeroen, and Andrew, this banner is being used in the preview version of HoboTraveler. Please go find it. Sorry the link to the graphic is not a link. I am sad when people do not finish things, this is the reason for the RoadMap to keep the job on the front until I am sure the job is finished.
Card #299 - Andrew Suares
07:32 Jan 19, 22
Thanks to Jeroene for the new banner.
Card #222 - Brant Pinkman
22:27 Jan 18, 22
Most of the notification settings I use are in each individual app. Here's one from Twitter where I can control email, SMS, or push. Oops, can't post the screenshot, but most apps let you manage them.
Card #222 - Andy Graham
21:21 Jan 18, 22
Yes I agree it's easy to miss the private messages now. I wonder if there's two types of push here. On my Android I can shut off any type of notification.
Card #222 - Brant Pinkman
17:16 Jan 18, 22
I would also like to be able to turn on/off Push Notifications, the same as the emails. With as many push notifications as I get now, I miss the PM's.
Card #296 - Dave Bianes
14:17 Jan 18, 22
Longer is better in my opinion. I am not sure we would need to go over 1 day or maybe even 12 hours. As it is at the moment I was able to check for comments that showed up while I was sleeping. Too much information in the list could be counterproductive to the goal of having people on the chat wall.
Card #296 - Andy Graham
14:02 Jan 18, 22
Dave, I checked the increase. I am not sure? Do we need to double this? Andrew the load time seems good? Maybe we need to say 2 days, and not juse the number? Can we do 2 days of snippelts ? Dave, please recply. Thanks Andy
Card #296 - Andrew Suares
13:23 Jan 18, 22
Hi Dave, I've increased the list to show more posts.

@Andy, I've asked Jeroene to update the graphic. He had created it.
Card #300 - Andy Graham
10:38 Jan 18, 22
I am super happy the RoadMap is working ok. When when this is 100 percent done, and more than 65 percent it will make all the members happy. And we can make money by staying focused.
Card #300 - Andy Graham
10:33 Jan 18, 22
Tom the champion of seeing the essential values. YES, this is "Super Verification" to 10 degree, a great point. I am super glad you pointed this out, truly even more important.
Card #296 - Andy Graham
10:29 Jan 18, 22
That comment removed the breaks. I truly wish Ilya would have posted comments on the Chat Wall when he went on vacation, and proved he wanted ot support the site. And, we woud still have him working.
Card #296 - Andy Graham
10:27 Jan 18, 22
We need money.

We need money.

Andrew, I am glad you made Dave happy. However, we have immediate, make money jobs of higher priority. The goal of the roadmap is to stop "Who is talking." Dave was super nice, and Tom was demanding, and you did Daves super fast, and avoided Tom's warnings.

The goal is high priority.

I want very squeaky wheels for MONEY.

However, jobs that make money must be higher priiority https://roadmap.hobotraveler.com/tweak-change-banner-to-correct-price-on-preview-of-ht

We need money.
Card #296 - Andy Graham
10:16 Jan 18, 22
Andrew - Thanks for writing Done because I get an email.
Card #300 - Tom Thorsen
09:29 Jan 18, 22
This great ideal. This like super verify to the tenth degree.
Card #300 - Andy Graham
08:59 Jan 18, 22
An Investor would give money because they could count the number of friends they met. Many people just do not add the pros and cons of something, they need it proven to them.
Card #296 - Dave Bianes
07:23 Jan 18, 22
Thank you Andrew. Would it be possible to have the list longer? Not so much the one that is displayed on home screen but what displays after clicking the button.
Card #296 - Andrew Suares
07:04 Jan 18, 22
Done. There's a new Activity link at the top. And I've increased the size of the snippet.
Card #296 - Dave Bianes
16:19 Jan 16, 22
For me this is a way to give phone users quick access to the recent activity in the app or mobile browsers
Card #290 - Andy Graham
08:56 Jan 15, 22
I am not sure people understand the term HOME, maybe it could say "Go Chat."
Card #290 - Andy Graham
08:52 Jan 15, 22
Great, Thanks Andrew for making the add profile area look good. I will change the status to admin Finished. https://www.hobotraveler.com/settings/profile/edit
Card #290 - Andrew Suares
06:14 Jan 15, 22
The buttons are separate now.
Card #292 - Andy Graham
18:23 Jan 14, 22
Annapuma write me daily on WhatsApp, wanting to sign up again, pay the 4.99, and make comments on HoboTraveler about Livingston. I believe we can get around 100 people to pay, around 500 dollars. Thanks Andy
Card #290 - Andy Graham
18:21 Jan 14, 22
Andrew -- Please separate the 3 blue buttons at the top, and change the names, and I can give this tweak on profile admin finished. I am hoping soon the admin finished move to a separate page. Thank you, Andy
Card #290 - Andrew Suares
04:27 Jan 14, 22
To edit the profile text, there is a new option under Marketing in the CP. Meta Data. Click edit.

I've updated the auto-complete.
Card #294 - Andrew Suares
04:27 Jan 14, 22
Card #290 - Andy Graham
11:25 Jan 12, 22
I am excited Andrew, The sign up is looking truly great.- People want to have their information auto filled into a form. Thanks Andy
Card #290 - Andrew Suares
07:17 Jan 12, 22
Working on the profile area.
Card #175 - Andy Graham
13:59 Jan 11, 22
Ilya, Please make the roadmap work again. Any member of HoboTraveler can create a fix, or job. Thank you, Andy
Card #290 - Andy Graham
08:31 Jan 11, 22
Andrew - After the WYSIWYG for the top of the complete profile are.

Then, please analize the auto fill . Thanks Andy
Card #290 - Andy Graham
08:17 Jan 11, 22
The sign up looks great Andrew, Explore With Us, HoboTraveler.com App https://www.hobotraveler.com/
Card #290 - Andrew Suares
07:39 Jan 11, 22
I've updated signup.
Card #269 - Irwin Myers
17:22 Jan 9, 22
Rather than posting a link from a competing social media site, I'd rather have the ability to upload a video from my desktop computer straight to HT.
Card #292 - Dave Bianes
22:45 Jan 6, 22
I am for allowing those that deleted their account to return at what ever the current method for new members is. I think the rest are not going to be worth the effort to mess with.
Card #292 - Andy Graham
21:51 Jan 6, 22
These members all violated our rules, or deleted their own accounts When this happens, we block them, so then cannot just sign up, sign off, etc. Now, we have the hide button, moderations has changed. We will activate this again in future, then charge them 50 US, but for now, we start over.. Thanks Andy
Card #284 - Andy Graham
19:27 Jan 6, 22
Andrew- Mastermind Alliance, I added 8 sign up form graphics so people can see patterns
Card #284 - Andy Graham
18:24 Jan 6, 22
Andrew, I have a new graphic at this link -- I would like to have show, instead of eye. I am coping LinkedIn style
Card #290 - Andy Graham
15:50 Jan 6, 22
Sign up is looking great. Now we can remove friction from profile updates, here are some ideas for changes. Thanks Andy
Card #290 - Andy Graham
10:39 Jan 5, 22
Ok, thank you Andrew, I will look around at other sites, and see how they present the app to download
Card #290 - Andrew Suares
05:48 Jan 4, 22
I made some changes. We are not allowed to change the iOS and Android logos.
Card #263 - Andy Graham
00:28 Jan 3, 22
Please define all the acronymns, give up Wikipedia links to the jargon. Send us to page, please explain, Thank you Andy
Card #261 - Andy Graham
20:08 Jan 1, 22
I am assigning this job to myself. Andy Lee Graham -- In the corporate minutes of December 29, 2021, I outline 55 points to explain. I am going to make a long video explaining all the points of what to do if I died, or other.The place it online for everyone. There is a little danger with this video, because it will explain where I file all the passwords, knowledge, that could shut down the site. For example, if a person had my passwords for hosting, they could destroy it. Thanks Dave, Andy
Card #261 - Dave Bianes
16:24 Jan 1, 22
All very important items for the future of HT. Not sure how most of the line items translate to assignable job or jobs.
Card #249 - Andy Graham
23:11 Dec 31, 21
Yes, thanks for the feedback. We can give every member a blog, vlog -- Andy
Card #249 - Brant Pinkman
23:02 Dec 31, 21
I would use this feature. I'm trying to create my own blog on Wordpress right now...what a pain. I would prefer to post a link to longer articles rather than post the whole thing on the talk wall.
Card #273 - Brant Pinkman
22:40 Dec 31, 21
I would add "stickers" to that, as well. When I travel and stay in hostels I see stickers from tour operators and groups all the time. Would be nice to place Hobo stickers in places that are acceptable to the management. I used to give out refrigerator magnets to get customers for my swimming pool business. I still get calls more than 10 years later.
Card #283 - Andy Graham
08:59 Dec 23, 21
A site should be sticky - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sticky_content
Card #206 - Andy Graham
11:43 Dec 22, 21
There must be a system, a process, not just you telling me. Andrew, you click on the job submitted as finished. I do an admin finished, it moves to page of completed jobs after 2 days of showing the members it is completed.
Card #206 - Andy Graham
11:42 Dec 22, 21
I am waiting for Ilya to change this to Submit as finished. I receieve an email. Jeroen receives an emal. etc
Card #206 - Andrew Suares
05:59 Dec 20, 21
Done. Please test.
Card #175 - Andy Graham
17:15 Dec 17, 21
Ilya -- We have to concentrate on jobs that make money. I am thinking to have a button that when I, only me, clicks on it, it says "Money Maker" and I get an extra 10 votes.
Card #263 - Andy Graham
08:43 Dec 15, 21
Andrew - Please define UX and UI acronyms. If one cannot explain a project simple, I fear they do not understand the project. The roadmap requires a job have the specifications define. (Note, this comment box does not expand as I write. Maybe make it 8 lines instead of 4 in height."
Card #263 -
16:39 Dec 14, 21
Please, wait a little, i'll post here a propose about that task
Card #263 - Andy Graham
10:00 Dec 14, 21
How to hire a person? The upwork people say they are good at SEO, 1 in 100 maybe is good. If somehow you can find a person who actuall done the work on 1 of the top 100
Card #210 - Brant Pinkman
20:14 Dec 11, 21
It's a nice feature, but I agree...pricey at $800
Card #175 - Andy Graham
11:25 Dec 11, 21
Marked up screenshots are easy to understand. This is new, so hard for me to make screenshots. However, eventually members will be adding screenshot explanations.
Card #175 - Andy Graham
11:24 Dec 11, 21
Yes, and to think Ilya speaks Russian as first language. Amazing.
Card #253 - Tom Thorsen
00:18 Dec 11, 21
Card #249 - Tom Thorsen
00:16 Dec 11, 21
I assume this would attract new members?
Card #226 - Tom Thorsen
23:52 Dec 10, 21
I would think the better the graphics the more new members. This is a RFD (Real F***ing Dollars!)
Card #253 - Andy Graham
14:05 Dec 10, 21
Big projects are amorphous to start. Then patterns emerge, then we can see simpler ways to help people. I have asked Andrew, and Ilya to put a search at the top. Whereby people can find topics faster.

I do not know of any website that has this feature, to help members have a say in the evolution of the site.

The huge benefit is we can force a job to be completely finished, no half ass work. When the last 10 percent of a job is not finished, the feature is not used.

A completed feature is when the members are using the feature.
Card #229 - Irwin Myers
13:52 Dec 10, 21
Great idea to have zoom meetups on various topics. Maybe do a survey on HT to get ideas for topics that will get lots of interest.
Card #209 - Irwin Myers
13:45 Dec 10, 21
I think Costa Rica is a great idea for a meetup, but it's bad pr if it has to be cancelled due to travel restrictions.
Card #175 - Irwin Myers
13:33 Dec 10, 21
Very good! It's amazing how much thought and work goes into making something that seems so simple work well. Nice work Ilya, and others who worked on this.
Card #209 - Andy Graham
23:19 Dec 9, 21
I do not understand "Discuss" - This needs to have action, and forced to be resolved.
Card #247 - Andy Graham
14:38 Dec 9, 21
This is part of an overall system of subdomains. please give the link showing all the subdomains? I think there needs to be the ask Andy who added, not sure?
Card #247 - Andy Graham
14:37 Dec 9, 21
Andrew, please do no delete until we are 100 percent sure we have the same mirror of the present site.
Card #244 - Tom Thorsen
17:08 Dec 8, 21
Will add video of problem once Roadmap is fixed to upload video
Card #199 - Tom Thorsen
17:36 Dec 7, 21
Andy answer to your comment:
Does it always do this, or just this one time? Cant remember.
Are you on an apple ipad, iphone. Both

How did you get the link to place there?
Copied and pasted link from YouTube.
Where did you get it, what were you doing?
Was you on the video, and click on share, and they go the Hobo app, and try to share?
Or did you copy the link, then paste it into the box.
Until there is a way to post videos of the problem on Roadmap it is difficult for a non tech to explain
Card #209 - Bruce Burdick
17:45 Dec 6, 21
I arrived to Costa Rica in November and had no problem. Of course, that was before they started talking about Omicron.
Card #198 - Tom Thorsen
23:21 Dec 5, 21
I think I know what you mean but description is not clear at all to me. I move some emails to junk mail.Is junk same as spam .
Card #225 - Tom Thorsen
23:16 Dec 5, 21
Don t understand 2-3 minute videos.
Not clear to me
Card #216 - Irwin Myers
20:44 Dec 5, 21
Someone needs to do minutes and follow up. If it's not being done on a voluntary basis, I'd suggest finding someone on Fiverr and paying them for this work.
Card #209 - Irwin Myers
20:42 Dec 5, 21
I wouldn't promote a meetup unless I was confident that people would attend. January will still be iffy for travel.
Card #198 - Irwin Myers
20:37 Dec 5, 21
Exactly Dave. How will you deal with them? And which spam button?
Card #199 - Andy Graham
19:59 Dec 5, 21
We will just keep asking questions until it is defined. In this format, with these comments, another person can help explain. The burden of explaining is always on the person having the problem.
Card #199 - Andy Graham
19:57 Dec 5, 21
Does it always do this, or just this one time? Are you on an apple ipad, iphone. How did you get the link to place there? Where did you get it, what were you doing? Was you on the video, and click on share, and they go the Hobo app, and try to share? Or did you copy the link, then paste it into the box.
Card #198 - Tom Thorsen
23:20 Dec 5, 21
Andy,Not sure if all your emails have the option to unsubscribe thus people put in spam or junk mail.
Card #228 - Tom Thorsen
12:49 Dec 7, 21
Should be idiot proof where a country code is required before the profile can be saved.
Wrong 07884433516
Correct 447884433516
Card #212 - Tom Thorsen
12:33 Dec 4, 21
I like the idea of getting a email before auto renewal. If we don’t send the emaiit needs to be obvious how to cancel
Card #199 - Tom Thorsen
12:30 Dec 4, 21
Andy, Why does only the Youtube link show and not the picture. All your videos on the walll show the pic.and not JUST the link.
Card #207 - Dave Bianes
11:46 Dec 2, 21
The above comment is an example of why editing the comment would be nice. It looks like I missed some punctuation and a word or two.
Card #212 - Irwin Myers
04:22 Dec 2, 21
Similar to GoDaddy, if they click on the auto-renew button, it should auto-renew every year. Otherwise, they get the email asking them if they want to renew with a simple click of the button. Maybe have another email go out right before their gold or silver status expires asking them one more time.
Card #210 - Irwin Myers
04:09 Dec 2, 21
I put my comment here because I could. I had difficulty creating a comment field on one of the ideas that didn't have a comment yet. I'll try it now.
Card #210 - Dave Bianes
01:08 Dec 2, 21
You just did
Card #199 - Andy Graham
00:48 Dec 2, 21
I have no idea what this means.
Card #208 - Andy Graham
00:40 Dec 2, 21
How are you going to do this?
Card #197 - Andy Graham
00:39 Dec 2, 21
Gold has many features, please list out all the world to be done on this feature. Thank you, Andy
Card #166 - Andy Graham
00:28 Dec 2, 21
Yes, I think the price is too high
Card #166 - Andy Graham
00:21 Dec 2, 21
The above is not complete enough to give to a freelancer to bid on.
Card #210 - Irwin Myers
00:20 Dec 2, 21
I don't see where I can add comments to these ideas.
Card #166 - Andy Graham
00:20 Dec 2, 21
Can we totally escape from Google? Can we change it so they login in soon with only email, and password. Or is this password their Google password.
Card #198 - Dave Bianes
18:22 Dec 3, 21
What does dealing with users who hit the spam button mean?
Card #172 - Dave Bianes
22:54 Dec 1, 21
Will there be a way to get a topic removed if no longer relevant?
Card #174 - Dave Bianes
22:49 Dec 1, 21
The ability to change your vote if something changes like the cost changes or the details make sense after more discussion or something else makes you change your mind.
Card #212 - Dave Bianes
22:21 Dec 1, 21
People please give input on how to best implement this. Auto renewal can be see as a benefit or an irritation for people. Good encouragement to opt in is how I like it on other sites not forced without choice.
Card #212 - Dave Bianes
22:17 Dec 1, 21
I believe this could be related to topic #200
Card #200 - Dave Bianes
22:16 Dec 1, 21
I believe this could be related to topic #212
Card #200 - Dave Bianes
22:12 Dec 1, 21
This one needs to be a choice to either opt in or out. With encouragement to opt in and not have your benefits lapse. Also I think this is discussed somewhere else in a different topic# would it be possible to have items merged if it makes sense to have the work done at the same time?
Card #207 - Dave Bianes
22:06 Dec 1, 21
I understand the need for the read more but would like to see future adjustments to it not crop the post so short that you must click just to read a short message.
Card #166 - Dave Bianes
21:54 Dec 1, 21
Can not hurt to give people more options. How firm is the estimated cost?
Card #210 - Dave Bianes
21:45 Dec 1, 21
Not getting excited about this one especially at the $800 estimate
Card #199 - Dave Bianes
21:34 Dec 1, 21
The thumbnail preview even if Posted as a reply comment would be nice.
Card #166 -
15:41 Dec 1, 21
I am agree with Andrew. This feature can level up the trust of potential users. Also you will get verified user email, and user will sign up really really faster with only 1 click. As for me i always use that option on all sites that have it. (Voted up)