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Changes to the Roadmap


I have a few suggestions for the Roadmap.

- Have a date showing when the job was first suggested and list them in date order. Or Andy should prioritize the jobs.

To reduce clutter, get rid of completed jobs (#292, for instance)

It would be useful to see a one-sentence summary of each job after the title for each job. Not all jobs are easily understandable, and some people may be reluctant to expand the heading to see what it’s about.

Let people know to click on the job title to expand it. Just a short, well-placed sentence saying ‘click to expand these jobs’.

There’s a lot of verbiage before we get to the actual jobs. Might want to tighten that up or put some of it at the bottom of the Roadmap. People want to get right to it and may not have the patience to read everything before they look at the jobs.

Make the Gandhi image a little smaller. Takes up a lot of real estate. 

Posted on January 25, 2022

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