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Subscribe to Silver or Gold Model Make Monthly Payments


Subscribe to Silver or Gold Model - Make Monthly Payments

Premium Silver, and Gold Plans
- Monthly subscription model

Subscriptions - IF this is possible, please do it.

  1. If Google Pay does it, but takes 30 percent, then do it.

  2. If Apple Pay does it, and takes 30 percent, then do it.

  3. Paypal can do this for Desktop

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have contacted Stripe to call me, and arrange for their subscriptions to work. 


Silver $3 dollars per month

Gold  $8 dollars per month


I want a member to sign up, and receive either Silver or Gold until they stop.

1 - Need a list of every silver member 

2 - Need a list of very Gold -- Renewal Membership.

3 - I want zero member paying yearly

4 - Lifetime gold is 1000 dollars

5 - When a person stops payment, they badges must stop.

6 - How to contact with PM Silver

7 - How to contact PM with Gold

Gold Lifetimes is for people who pay 1000 dollars to invest.

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Posted on 18:51 Feb 21, 23

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Andy Graham
18:51 Feb 21, 23
Hello Andrew, I want to pay the 30 percent to Google and Apple if they can do a monthly subscription.
I greatly updated this top job.