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1 Everyday hobo App will not open on Ipad for the last few days. It seems to be around the timing of downloading the latest ISO software?I removed and reinstalled same problem. I have excellent internet speed of 87 Mbps .So I'm using the hobo webstite on my Ipad
2 I removed the Hobo App from from my Iphone again. It is so unstable when trying to do do a reply chat . Unfortunately the EH App has only been on my iphone screen for 1 month out of the last 6 months due to this problem.I believe this is the third time I put on the Roadmap,but never a response.Just tell if you will not being fixing and i will use the website going forward. 
Respectfully submitted,
Tom Thorsen

Posted on 13:15 Aug 8, 22

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Andy Graham
13:15 Aug 8, 22
Hello Tom, thank you, I am going to talk to Dion about this problem today.