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Allowing any EH member to edit on the editor subdomain


If we follow the Wikipedia model of allowing any EH member to edit:

Assume the 3 users. John (creator of the page), Marko and Paul. The page to be edited is a page created by John.

1) If Marko edits the page, the new version is stored in a new table. There would be only one record of this page in the new table for Marko. Any other edits by Marko are updated on the record.

2) John would receive an email with a link to the editor area to see the revised version in the editor sub domain. John can see the current version that is live and the version by Marko. John can approve the edits by Marko (Marko would receive an email), make changes to them or discard the edit by Marko. Once discarded, the edit by Marko will not be visible in the editor area.

3) If John does nothing which means Markos revised edit still shows in the editor area and if Paul edits the current version, Paul would see a pending edit by Marko. Paul needs to have an option to edit Markos version too. Markos edit will not be replaced by Paul. This will be stored as a new revised version by Paul.

4) Markos and Paul's edits would show in the editor area. John will decide on the version which becomes current.

Currently, an admin can edit any page without the approval of the page creator. This will not change.

An admin would also see the revised edits and perform the same functions as the page creator.

There needs to be an area which shows all the revised edits depending on the subdomain. If the editor subdomain has loaded for the roadmap, then only the edits for the roadmap would show.

Posted on March 3, 2022

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