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Acknowledgement Email Email That Says Thank You Donation Any Payments to Hobo

Admin finished

 When someone sends a donation there should be an email acknowledgment to the donor that it was received. Donors shouldn’t wonder if their donation was received. 



Posted on 14:35 Apr 9, 22

Date Started: April 9, 2022

Date Complete: April 11, 2022

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Andy Graham
02:20 Apr 9, 22
I hope I haven't missed a donation in the last few days.

I try to be more personable and do it but we should also always give an email on any money paid or given for any reason.

We have a new section on money that we can go through point by point and make sure that there's emails acknowledgment.

I'm really extremely concerned and thinking about calling it The Golden Rule.. treat people as we'd like to be treated right. I get extremely angry when somebody doesn't return or comment on an investors opinion whether they agree or don't agree or they don't know an answer they need to acknowledge everything.

Our investors are of extreme value.

Thanks Tom I appreciate your help.
Andy Graham
10:19 Apr 9, 22
Andrew -- Tom is an investor -- please acknowledge this, and DO IT.

Ignoring small tweaks is a huge problem for us.
Tom Thorsen
14:16 Apr 9, 22
Haven’t donated lately,but i paid for something online with another company and never received an acknowledgement.i kept wandering if they ever received my order.
Your friend,
Andrew Suares
14:26 Apr 9, 22
Hi Tom, I've added the email notifier.
Tom Thorsen
14:35 Apr 9, 22
Thanks Andrew