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Accordion Web App


A web app for users to get a domain name up and running in 5 minutes.


- Pro Plan -
WYSIWYG to create content. The tags will control the titles under categories.
Visual sort
Search titles
Install on home screen
Logo uploader
Index page graphic uploader
Export data

- Pro Plus Plan -
Email alert signup
Photo gallery
Audio recorder, playback
Change color theme
Browser notifications
Slideshow on the index
Contact form
Stripe integration
Native sharing
Visitor stats
Choose a template

Wikipedia has this feature when we access it on a phone.
Go to Wikipedia on smartphone

Posted on 16:57 Apr 10, 22

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Andy Graham
14:10 Mar 25, 22
Hello Andrew - I do not quite understand. Do we already have some code I used the FAQ - That used to be in the middle top of the page?
We want this to look like an app on the smrartphone?
Andrew Suares
05:45 Mar 26, 22
That's right. The accordion interface is available but the method of getting content needs to be built. This new system will be a Web app. Previously, the method of creating the keto 10 was a csv file which no one could use. The new approach is to use editor.everydayhobo.com to publish to the keto10 sub domain.
Andy Graham
16:56 Apr 10, 22
Thanks for putting the search on. I think it needs to also search the sub topics below the chapters.
Andy Graham
16:57 Apr 10, 22
The value of this app is that we can use web web pages referenced. Wikipedia etc. The normal user is not going to be able to create a page on hobo traveler to insert into this app.. page has to sit on the app somewhere