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Deal with users who hit the spam button

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When a user hits the SPAM button on the email from HoboTraveler, our email system detects this and we log the action in our database.

Being that we can never re-send emails to a user who hit the SPAM button, we instantly STOP sending any new email to the user.

We've reduced the number of emails sent to users. Likes, posts are now sent as app notifications.

Users hit the SPAM button for email campaigns and the newsletter.

- Generate a report of all the users who hit the SPAM button
- Auto pause a user who hit the SPAM button?

Posted on 23:21 Dec 5, 21

Admins verdict:

Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Dave Bianes
18:22 Dec 3, 21
What does dealing with users who hit the spam button mean?
Tom Thorsen
23:20 Dec 5, 21
Andy,Not sure if all your emails have the option to unsubscribe thus people put in spam or junk mail.
Irwin Myers
20:37 Dec 5, 21
Exactly Dave. How will you deal with them? And which spam button?
Tom Thorsen
23:21 Dec 5, 21
I think I know what you mean but description is not clear at all to me. I move some emails to junk mail.Is junk same as spam .