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Add read more to posts

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The read more was disabled for posts with links. If the image or link has a problem, read more would break the code and the post would look scrambled. To have it work for posts with links, we need a developer who will consider all those scenarios when a link or image does not work correctly and how the read more will behave in those scenarios.

Posted on 11:46 Dec 2, 21

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Dave Bianes
22:06 Dec 1, 21
I understand the need for the read more but would like to see future adjustments to it not crop the post so short that you must click just to read a short message.
Dave Bianes
11:46 Dec 2, 21
The above comment is an example of why editing the comment would be nice. It looks like I missed some punctuation and a word or two.