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15 Minute YouTube Live Then go to zoom for Questions


1. (IRWIN)  10 best Cities to move to in 2022
2. (IRWIN)  10 best countries to move to in 2022.
3. (IRWIN)  top 10 most affordable countries of 2022"
4. (IRWIN) "To 10 perfect climates of 2022"5. 10 Most welcoming countries for expats in 2022
5.  (ANDREW) About 3 good things or ideas you learnt from the people of about 5 countries.
6. (JEROEN) Good topics will be those that attract a specific target group, like off the beaten bicycle track routes in the world. The more specific the topic the more they appeal to the target group

1. Go live in YouTube for 15 Minutes, then move to Zoom
2   Then restricting it to HT members only after that.

Wish Andrew to do it?  (TodoAg)

  1. Roadmap Link (TodoAg)

  2. Zoom Subdomain

  3. Add way to collect emails

  4. Add way to pay 50 dollars reserve a topic

  5. HT Bot

  6. Volunteer to be moderator form

Free Zoom Meet Up Open to Public

December 19, 2021, an open to public zoom meeting the third Sunday and each month. At 6:00 p.m. Eastern standard Time.

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Introduction to HoboTraveler
By Andy Lee Graham CEO of HoboTraveler Inc.


Open anonymous zoom meeting

First Sunday December 19, 2021 (TodoAg)

Once per month using zoom

Always on Sunday

Always 6 PM EST on Sunday  (TodoAg)
The times may change, best way to know:

Apple, or Android App
Explore With Us, HoboTraveler.com https://www.everydayhobo.com/

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Best Practice

Anonymous, Private, not recorded

Allow people to attend by phone.

Allow them to leave their video off.

Allow to have a mask that blocks your identity

Allow phone 

I don’t think you could block them from here and their video off. I even do this sometimes during the zoom meeting.

Most people on Zoom don’t give their full name.

We ask your name and location if they ask a question.

Send Out Meeting Invites. ...

Enable the Waiting Room Feature. ...

Add Guidelines to the Waiting Room. ...

Have a monitor

Once Everyone's There, Lock the Meeting. ...

Place All Participants on Mute. ...

Annotations are turned off.

Ideas to attract new members on a Zoom meeting

Types of Zoom meeting that you would invite English speaking third party to join the meeting with potential new Hobos:

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The link (TodoAg)
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Weekly Email Campaign  (TodoAg)

Pay 50 Dollar For a Topics

Real Estate Abroad

Mail Service

Jerone on IATA Travel Center

Book Reading

Insurance agent


Hospital costs

Local Real-estate  agent

Medicare specialist

Supermarket prices

Local tour agent

Local attorney

Local assisted living

Expert on IATA Website
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How to add a topic?
https://www.everydayhobo.com/contact/    (TodoAg)

Announcements  (TodoAg)

Meetup in Costa Rica with Bruce
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Posted on 08:11 Jan 27, 22

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Andrew Suares
Andy Graham


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Irwin Myers
15:07 Jan 26, 22
Not sure if it's being done, but it would be good to let subcsibers to your YouTube channel, newsletter, and HT know in advance that you'll be live on YouTube, when, topic, etc. If it's a particularly hot topic, maybe advertise on a FB travel channel or some other travel site. Make people register with their email for full access.
Irwin Myers
19:41 Jan 26, 22
Top 10 Perfect Cities. Of course no place is perfect but you might want to discuss the top 10 cities with eight or above healthcare, safety, weather, friendliness, cost of living, and visa requirements. There may not be 10, so discuss 5 perhaps. Maybe do this for the first 15 minutes and then if people are members they get to stick around for the q&a. Otherwise they have to join for the q&a.
Andy Graham
19:54 Jan 26, 22
Maybe I go live on YouTube for 15 minutes. The first five. Leave this up for a week where I tell everybody about the zoom meeting. The only way they can attend is to join
Irwin Myers
21:24 Jan 26, 22
This idea isn't easy to find on the Roadmap. Maybe when there's a comment, the item goes to the top. Anyway, yes, I think that a 5 minute teaser is a great way to advertise the session. Test, test, test to find the winning approach.
Andy Graham
08:11 Jan 27, 22
Yes correct Irwin. We have hundreds of great ideas, without a comprehensive strategy of promoting the ideas or benefits they do nothing. However a truly great idea doesn't need any promotion.